A simple but very much appreciated tradition. (note: this is not wedding related at all).

In my family when you get picked up from the airport, whether or not it is a meal time, you get any kind of fast food you want. You name it, we will find one on the way home from the airport. Rob’s first experience was this was IN N OUT. Delish. He wasn’t able to finish it, but I shouldn’t have started him on a full meal and a milkshake, that is something that you need to build up to.

So all I have to say is that this is a family tradition that Rob and I will definitely be keeping up. Because after 11 hours on a plane really, all I want is Taco Bell. It is a nice acknowledgement that flights are a bitch, so here you go, have something you have been craving, no guilt necessary.

Rob and I also have started a tradition of two birthday cakes that I am a big fan of.

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