Two Babies

About three weeks after the miscarriage I started tracking my ovulation again, mainly because I had no idea when to expect my period and I don’t particularly care for throwing away underwear.  I tested for about a week with nothing, no ovulation.  I figured my body was still getting over the miscarriage and D&C.  Then ten days or so in, the little ovulation strips started to pop positive. Good. I would get my period in about two weeks.  Crisis averted. But I kept testing and I kept ovulating. Which was weird.  Usually it is a couple days.  At about day six of ovulating to I started to be like.. um.. what? And my back was hurting.  So, mainly to discount it as an option, I took a pregnancy test.

Pregnant. A month after a miscarriage.

But it wasn’t that simple.  It was possible that I was testing positive due to the previous pregnancy hormones hanging around in my system, as they sometimes do.  So I spent about four days not knowing if I was pregnant.  That was super fun.  Lesson learned, never take a pregnancy test on a Friday. Do not be as stupid as I was.

Finally, that following Wednesday I got in to see my fabulous OB.  Yes, baby. Yes, heartbeat. Oof. Okay. Baby. So soon. Okay we can do this! Right? Right. Okay.

And then nausea hit me like a semi-truck. So this is morning sickness. And by morning sickness I mean all day, nothing but dry cereal, laying on the couch feeling like I am dying, sickness.  This was not like last time. But, morning sickness can mean a strong healthy pregnancy so I tried to take it in stride and eat a lot of cereal and take a lot of naps.

My next appointment was at eight weeks.  I didn’t need the appointment or the ultrasound per se, but I looked a little wild around the eyes at my first appointment so my OB wanted me back in two weeks to assure me.  Have I mentioned I love this man?

I took Rob with me because I was ready for bad news.  I didn’t want to have to call him and tell him like I had last time. By the time I got to the appointment I was so nervous I had tunnel vision and was dry heaving.  Hello, I am a hot mess.  I hopped up onto the ultrasound table and they have this giant probe thing.  Trans-vaginal ultrasound for the win! Anyway, heartbeat, baby. Good!

And then what’s this? Something else is on the screen.  I know that a cyst is a possibility, which the OB was like hey man whatever about, but he keeps probing around (fun times for all) and he is quiet and I am not breathing.

Heartbeat number two. Heartbeat number two.  How sure are you?! Have you ever had a woman have a heart attack on this table?

And then there they both are, Twin A and Twin B. Beating away. Two babies.

Two babies.

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