We move two weeks tomorrow and I still don’t believe it. I am going through the motions but I don’t think it is going to seem real to me until we are on that plane. Or maybe not even until we land. Perhaps, it may never happen if BA doesn’t get their act together. Is it weird that I am being totally understanding about that whole BA thing? I am the type to lose it over the airline I am flying with being on strike, but after all Rob and I have been through trying to move, this is a minor thing. BA is being amazingly nice and helpful, I am not worried. If we were this close to moving and Rob still didn’t have his visa then I would be losing it, for sure. But our airline being in a mess… eh, it will work out.

This move isn’t something that we have been working towards for the past three months, it is something we have been working towards for almost three years. Once Rob and I decided we were *serious* about each other, this process was slowly kicked into gear. I don’t remember when we decided we would live in the US, rather than the UK. The conversation probably went along the lines of: Are you okay with living in the US forever? Because, I had no intention of staying. Thankfully Rob had no issue with being an expat for the rest of his life.

And then, we got engaged. Straight after that we were married, another step of the long process. Married before I moved so I could have my British visa. The plan was two years in the UK, then moving home. Then, one year into that we had our actual wedding and then started his visa process. We started booking flights and looking into international shipping companies. Rob started networking for job opportunities. I started apartment hunting. We kept chugging along.

So no, I still don’t believe it is true. After working nearly our entire relationship to get to this point, it seems surreal. I am just sort of…. shocked.

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