water up to my neck

So far? A rollercoaster. Some days, I get it. I love it. I feel like, I can do this! Some days, I hate it, am ridiculously confused and wonder why I didn’t just go to beauty school?

Yesterday was the latter for me. I got up far too early to work on a Civil Procedure complaint. I spent Torts trying to stay awake. Contracts was a blur of I don’t even know what. Seriously. I couldn’t tell you what I learned in Contracts yesterday. Something about seeds and Coca-Cola.  I spent my lunch feeling guilty that I didn’t go to an “optional” review session and being attacked by bees. Then Civ Pro. What is Rule 12, you ask? No idea. Great. And I left for the day feeling like, whaaaa???

Law school will screw with your mind. Everyone seems to be doing more than you. You are going to the review session? Yes! You mean you aren’t? You are obviously not doing enough, aren’t taking law school seriously, and probably are going to fail. RaRaRa!!!

Today has been better. I hung out with some of our new friends last night. I went to bed early. I had someone else’s birthday cake for breakfast. I am understanding this property lecture and it happens to be entertaining.

I don’t know yet how the semester is going to pan out, but right now, I feel like sometimes I am just spinning my wheels and putting in a ton of effort just to keep my head above water. I don’t feel like I am doing well most of the time, I feel like I am surviving.

I know that I am not the only student feeling this way, so there is some comfort in that. I also know that a lot of people are freaking out about nothing. Seriously folks, this memo isn’t graded.

Lets play a game of chill the f*&# out. You’re the first contestant.

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